Saturday, May 17, 2014

401.2 in my provider hosted app

I kept getting the 401.2 error when I switched from IIS express to IIS to host my Provider hosted web form app. Thanks to this awesome blog ( , I fixed the authentication. Anonymous disabled, Windows Integrated Mode enabled and problem solved.

Provider Hosted Apps and host header names in IIS

VSCommands for Visual Studio

VSCommands for Visual studio is a Visual Studio extension that provides a lot of short cuts for the most common things you do in VS. As a first step, I was able to group my files without having to use folders. Just highlight the files you want to group, right click and group items. 

Full Trust Provider Hosted App - Cert folder permission

This is something I wouldnt worry about on my dev environment, since my app pool account is also my farm admin  since I use a single account for everything. But this is important when deploying an app to test/production.

On the SharePoint server, be sure that the app pool identity for the following IIS app pools have Read rights to the C:\Certs folder:
  • SecurityTokenServiceApplicationPool
  • The app pool that serves the IIS web site that hosts the parent SharePoint web application for your test SharePoint website. For the SharePoint – 80 IIS website, the pool is called OServerPortalAppPool.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Windows Service marked for deletion

I tried to use the sc.exe delete "Servicename" and it said that the "Service has been marked for deletion". Earlier, I had used installutil /u to uninstall it. Since, both of them did not work, I wasnt sure what else I had to do. Then, I realized that I had the services MMC open. Close it and the service gets deleted.