Thursday, May 8, 2008


This post is intended for people that have just implemented TFS in your development environment and are still switching between VSS and TFS Version control.

A way to switch between source control providers is by changing the registry key.But the SCC Switch is a utility that makes the job real easy. You do not have to mess with the registry keys anymore.As the name implies, this utility is for switching between Source Control providers.

The SccSwitch utility provides a GUI that does this for you in the click of a check box.

  1. Extract this to your Local Machine ( Not to a network drive)
  2. Open the folder and run the SccSwitch.exe utility
  3. The following dialog box shows up


  1. It lists all the SCC providers that are installed in your local machine
  2. Click on the Microsoft Visual Source Safe ( the first one) for making VSS as your Version control provider
  3. Click on Microsoft Team Foundation Server MSSCCI provider ( the third one) for making Team Foundation Server as your version control provider

Tip: You can add this to your Visual Studio .NET 2003 IDE’s external Tools list, so you would not have to locate and open the SCCSwitch.exe every time you want to change your source control provider

To do this

In Visual Studio .NET 2003,

  1. Tools=> External Tools=> Add

Now you will be presented with the dialog box asking what external tool you want to add


  1. Enter the Title as SccProvider (or any name that helps you identify this utility)
  2. In the Command box, click on the ellipsis to navigate to the SccSwitch.exe file
  3. Leave the Arguments and Initial Directory text boxes as they are.
  4. Click OK


Click on SCCProvider menu item to change your SCC provider

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