Friday, October 29, 2010

Office web apps

Yesterday I installed Office web apps.The installation is just a couple of clicks of Next buttons. On finish, the installation ran fine, and launched the SharePoint Configuration wizard. After the wizard marched through its 10 steps, the final message read "Error" and pointed me to a log file. Perusing through the log file, I couldn't find anything useful. It could be because I was impatient to look for what I wanted to find. So, instead of trying to figure out the specific point of failure, I did the Ctrl+Alt+Del equivalent of Sharepoint Configuration, which is to run the configruation wizard again, without any changes to the default settings of the worked. The I created the Word Viewing service (Sharepoint Admin=> Configuration => Manage Service Applications), the powerpoint service (excel service was already installed). Enable Office web apps feature in the site collection. Now view in browser and edit on browser options are available for word, power point and excel files. It looks nice too.

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